Brand Daigo (Japan)

Daigo is a Japanese brand of health products by B&S Corporation.

B&S Corporation - the first in the world to conduct research of yoghurt products to find out it restoration  effect of the intestinal environment. Studies have shown that yogurt does not bring significant effect. After that B&S have started a new development: an Extract of lactic acid bacteria (that is just a product of bacteria but not bacteria).

The extract of lactic acid bacteria reaches the intestinal tract and provides natural number growth of health-giving body bacteria forming for it favorable conditions.

In Japan Daigo has passed the clinical tests which have proved the efficacy of the extract compared with the effects of yogurt. Many people for the short period of time has improved the condition of the gastro-intestinal tract, and also happened:

  • rejuvenation of the skin and face. 
  • disappeared diseases arising from contaminated intestine.

Daigo was the product to which the company B&S has come as a result of 100-years researches. It is recommended to celebrities. Product has gained the trust of many dietitians and doctors in the field of medicine.