Brand Shere&Nagel (Germany)

SHERE&NAGEL - German trade mark which offers unique manicure tools for professional and domestic use. With it your hands will be always well-groomed, and your pedicure will always be perfect. To use tools you don't need special skills. The tools are absolutely safe and used for cuticles treatment, fragile and flake nails, dry heels and the callosities on feet.

Files from Shere&Nagel is useful to you, even if you regularly visit a beauty salon. In addition, they are ideal for traveling. You can experience on yourself these innovative instruments and appraise the incredible effect they provide even before the purchasing.

To buy the Shere&Nagel products.

Our company offers to buy Shere&Nagel - innovational instruments that are recognized by world leaders of beauty industry. Since the very begining company Shere&Nagel supports the "uncut" approach to manicure and pedicure. Special «clever» design and innovational materials helped to create a truly indispensable tools that have already become the standard of quality.

Cuticle nail file Shere&Nagel.

One of the first products that has gained popularity was the Cuticle nail file Shere&Nagel. A special surface allows using it without skin pre-steaming. Due to this an owner of the wonderful tool can use it anywhere and any convenient time and more important always to have a visible effect.

Pencil Shere&Nagel with a lemon flavor.

Naturally removes cuticles is one of the best moisturizing and nourishing your nail tools.

Multifunctional pencil thanks to its unique composition and special construction of the tool:

  • softens the skin

  • removes cuticles

  • slows the cuticle growth

  • whitens nail plate

Soldering nail file.

Nail file with a soldering effect. This is an exceptionally useful tool for owners of brittle, thin and prone to splitting nail.

Nail Polish Shere&Nagel.

Nail Polish will make your nails shiny and prevent delamination of edges of a nail plate. Even in conditions of constant hands exposure - its shining will stay about half of a mounth which will save your manicure time.

Double-sided cuticle nail file Shere&Nagel.

"Smart" two-sided cuticle nail file Shere&Nagel selectively removes dry skin around the nail plate, leaving untouched alive tissue. This effect is achieved due to a patented innovative surface.

Our sales consultants in the Beauty Boutique stores will gladly show you how to use any tools. You will always feel like you just stepped out of the manicure or pedicure treatments.On our website you can find a range of products and to buy Shere&Nagel!