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Manicure set Shere&Nagel for hundreds of thousands of people around the world has become an indispensable assistant. Manicured hands and nails can tell a person not less than clothes, shoes and hairstyle. Handshake start communication with the person. Care handles says about your success, status and health. They - a kind of business card. Choose and buy a manicure set, you can in our online store!

Innovative cuticle care.

Gather all the nail flakes and soldering the edge.

Two tools with discount.

One of the most gentle polishing in the world. Two sides with different surfaces.

Easy way to “refresh” manicure. Consists of natural oils and lemon vitamins.

2 pencils for cuticle with discount.

3 innovation tools with discount.

5 manicure tools and pedicure grater with discount.

4 manicure tools with discount.