Cuticle file
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Cuticle file.

Innovation and quick cuticle treatment.

Innovation cuticle treatment.

Shere&Nagel Cuticle file accurately and safely removes dry skin around the nail without damaging living tissue.

In contrast to clipping manicure - side spindles are not harden cause of living tissue saving.

Cuticle file works without preliminary wetting out of skin.


Special surface.

Innovation blade of the Cuticle file doesn't leave burrs after treatment and dry parts are removed smoothly and flat.

Regular use of the file cuticle's growth is decelerated.

Patented surface with diamond spraying gives professional treatment and saves your time.

There is no risk of varnished nails damaging cause of plastic sides around the edge of the file.

Professional result.

Ideal instrument for doing salon manicure in home and using professionally.

Well-groomed nails
for 10 minutes.

Several movements and you have treated
​cuticle on each nail.

Join the file with all surface to skin around a nail.

The file's nib allows to sit up cuticle for easier treatment.

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Cuticle file.
Cuticle file.

Manufacturer: Shere&Nagel (Germany)