Cuticle pencil
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Cuticle pencil.

Consists of natural oils and lemon vitamins. Gives everyday cuticle treatment.
Easy way to “refresh” manicure.

Therapy and care of nails.

Balanced complex of oils and vitamins in structure of Shere&Nagel Cuticle pencil makes better nail growing and solves splitting problem.

The pencil wets and nourish cuticle. Makes it elastic. Prevent from drying and cracking.

Dissolve cuticle pellicle which adhere to nail.

The pencil is made for both manicure and pedicure.

Ideal for express manicure before important meeting.

Regular use by moving cuticle from nail surface suppresses cuticle growing. You'll have to do manicure much rare then before!

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Longevity of the cuticle pencil.

Doesn't contain spirit so works for 1,5 - 2 years in everyday using without getting dry.

The pencil like a mask nail.

Having polished and varnish free nail use the cuticle pencil as a mask nail by applying oil on the whole nail plate.

Nail become stronger and the growth is accelerated.

The cuticle pencil in complex.

Ideally use the pencil for cuticle removing straight after  it is treated with Shere&Nagel file.

The file will take off dead skin. So you will nourish with the oil live skin.

You will have better effect and the longevity of the pencil will be longer.

Cuticle pencil (lemon oil).
Cuticle pencil
(lemon oil).

Manufacturer: Shere&Nagel (Germany)