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Japanese product for inside cleaning a body. Contributes to natural recovery of microflora in a gastrointestinal tract.


Health of an organism depends of the state of your intestine.

Daigo's unique.

Daigo is not a substitute for yogurt, or prodacts with lactic acid bacteria.

The role of health-giving bacteria.

Health-giving bacteria help the body to absorb fully useful substances from food. These useful substances nourish every cell in our body, making it strong and healthy.

Action of harmful bacteria.

Such bacteria contribute to ejection of toxins from processed food in a body through walls of an intestinal. If the number of Health-giving bacteria are diminishing, the harmful bacteria becometo predominate.

​So the body gets infected from inside. Deteriorating state of health, premature skin aging, the body can gain surplus weight.

Daigo's action.

Taking Daigo (an extract of lactic acid bacteria), you return a body its youth and clean it from inside. 

The extract of lactic acid bacteria is not the bacteria themselves (included in yoghurts and other bioproducts) but products of bacteria vital activities. 

That is why Daigo helps to grow up the number of useful bacteria in intestine with a natural way. Health-giving bacteria begin to dominate over harmful, and a body is renewing from inside.


Daigo is the rejuvenation of a body with a natural way.


Daigo is produced by fermentation of lactic acid crops grown near mount Fuji (Japan). 

Producing cycle of lactic acid bacteria extract takes about 1.5 years.


Adults need to take 3-4 Daigo sachets every day. A full course of prophylaxis is 3 months.


Each box contains 30 sachets with a transparent liquid of a lemon taste. 

The extract can be taken in the morning before breakfast diluted in a glass of water. It is also possible to mix sachet with a bottle of water and drink the mixture during a day. 


Manufacturer: Daigo (Japan)