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Golden mask for face.

The golden mask for face is an ancient secret of rejuvenation.
The composition is 99,99% of gold (24K). Made in Japan.

The strength of ancient civilizations.

Scientists investigating an ancient civilization, paid attention on mentioning about miracle golden mask, which was used by Egypt queen Cleopatra.

Have learnt an old scripts they started investigations of gold influence in cosmetology. And received confirmations of all legends about Rejuvenating Cleopatra's golden mask.

Golden mask action.

When you put it on a face it generates warm energy setting free negatively charged ions. The ions got into the deepest skin layers and contact with positively charged ions of a body so skin micro-circulation increases.

Skin renewing and rejuvenating occurs, elastic and halogen producing increases. Oxygen get into skin too.

It pull skin up, becomes elastic, face loop evens out, vanishes nevus pigmentosus.

Long lasting effect of a golden mask.

Mask's ions can support long time optimal balance of skin moistening and nourishing.
That is why mask acts several days and has long-lasting effect.

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Golden mask.
Golden mask.

Gold 24k.

Golden mask (local).
Golden mask

Local Golden Mask. 24k.