Majestic scalp brush
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Japanese scalp brush

Made by Japanese scientists for increasing
​hair growth and head's skin health.

Majestic has 20 times more denticles.

568 denticles give an effect of pleasant head massage – ​several times better
​than after usual brush.

Majestic will work longer than usual one.

Material of denticles.

The brush denticles is made of durable nylon.
Micro-crevices don't appear and the scalp brush
​doesn't tear out hair during brushing.

Children, who don't like combing, love the brush.

Majestic Mini will be great gift for young ladies.

Innovation in intensification the hair growth.

The Majestic hairbrush has different elasticity of denticles.

Denticles cleans about 10 000 skin pores of a head. And the roots of the hair receive more oxygen.

Stimulates every muscular of a hair and strengthen the running blood to hair follicles.

So the hair becomes healthy, their growth is increasing and the hair receives natural volume.

Four levels of denticles.

Level by level of denticles Majestic takes off the sebum surplus preventing dandruff.
They strengthen massage effect of the Majestic hairbrush.

Revivify the activity of hair roots and increase hair growth with help of unique properties of the scalp brush.

Use of Japanese Majestic scalp brush.

Use for a shampoo and a set.

Dirty and encapsulated pores become a reason of hair falling, dandruff and loss of volume. During hair washing with the hairbrush Majestic all pores are cleared of dirties which is impossible to achieve with fingers.


Almost weightless comb with a convenient form of the handle lies comfortably in the hand.

Majestic Mini will be great variant variant to carry in handbag, and in the pocket of male jacket.

Majestic scalp brush.
Majestic scalp brush.

Manufacturer: Majestic (Japan)

Majestic mini.
Majestic mini.

Manufacturer: Majestic (Japan)