Mango balm
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Mango Balm.

Healing influence and caring for dry and problem skin of hands and feet. Consists of natural oils and vitamins.

Skin therapy.

Mango balm is produced for prophylactic and healing for dry skin of hands, feet, cuticle and problem parts of skin
​(including lips, which is subjected to crusting).

Natural composition.

Consists of natural oils for 97%.

Wheat grass oil and lecithin gives protection for sensitive skin from climatic influence of sun or cold by creating invisible protection layer.

Mango extract and lanolin prevents appearance of callosity, thin places, corns it nourish and deeply moistening skin.

Composition includes oil of mango stone, jojoba oil, hawaiian nut oil, gel of aloe leaf.


Mango balsam provides moistening, nourishing and healing influence.

Has very quick sinking without stickiness and fattiness.

The unique formula is added by A, E, F vitamins and natural softeners.

Balsam delivers from many problems of skin returning natural water balance:

• Taking off inflammation (calm and heal inflamed cuticle).

• Returns gentleness of elbows skin and knees; heals cracks on the places.

• Decreases irritation and itch removes excessive dryness.

Long-time effect.

Regular use of the “Mango” balsam will deliver from rough skin parts for long, return softness and elastic of skin, give nail healthy growth (which can be cared by manicure sets).

Mango Balm (mini).
Mango Balm

Manufacturer: Shere&Nagel (Germany)

Mango Balm.
Mango Balm.

Manufacturer: Shere&Nagel (Germany)