Relax Massager
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Relax Massager.

Head massager gives pleasant influence.

Eastern principles.

The Massager neutralizes hair static electricity, accumulated by the daytime restoring energetic balance tones up and takes off stress.

Twelve “branches” developing the massager are made of stainless steel and is ended with teardrop heads, which are made of natural latex resin.

Way of action.

The Massager action is based on ancient technique of Shiatsu massage from Japan.

Move the massager from the upper head point up and down, straight and back with easy massage movements.

You will feel formication and soon will come pleasant warmness and delight.

It will relax your body and can decries headache.

Massager strengthens hair and increases growth.

Relax Massager.
Relax Massager.

Manufacturer: Shere&Nagel (Germany)