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Soldering effect Nail file.

Innovative technology gather all the nail flakes and soldering the edge. Recommended for thin, fragile and exfoliating nail.

The right help for your nails.

Shere&Nagel Nail file improves a nail plate protecting from exfoliation by gathering all the nail flakes and soldering the edge.

2 functional surfaces.

The first side of the file.

Surface of the side is sharper to regulate nail length.

The second side of the file.

This is a nail soldering surface.

It has very spare surface which is doing slight correcting of nail form.

Clipping a nail with the file gives a solid and flat cut. It is ideal treatment for nail health.​

Shere&Nagel Nail file makes a nail edge smooth and shine like a glass. Nail has less moisture penetration and saves more useful materials.

Advantages of the file.

Regular use of the Shere&Nagel Nail file makes nail healthy and strong. Specially recommended for thin, fragile and exfoliating nails.

Shere&Nagel Nail file peculiarities.

Slight treatment for natural and artificial nails.

Smooth edge of a nail after a treatment doesn't cling delicate clothes and tights.

Nail file.
Nail file.

Manufacturer: Shere&Nagel (Germany)