Nail polishing
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Nail polishing.

Sparing instrument for manicure. Add nail varnishing effect.

Nail polishing is like a velvet paper takes off a thin nail layer, 
dim because of the chemical cleansers.

Caring nails.

Nails have a layer structure.

The file doesn't make nail plate thin and cleans it from pollution.

Treatment with Shere&Nagel nail polishing.

Treatment with nail polishing gives effect of limpid varnishing. Add natural shine and healthy pink color remaining for 5 days.

The shine can't be spoiled by cleansers and nail plate isn't suffered of harmful substances.

On treated with Shere&Nagel polishing nail the varnish goes better and remains longer. 


One of the sparest polishing in the world.
​Has soft surface, it doesn't grind off and fray nail.

Two sides, two surfaces.

Green surface.

Is like a velvet paper. Cleans nail and release from dead and keratosic cells 
of upper layer. Doesn't touch alive layers below.

Two sides, two surfaces.

White surface.

Is like a silk. Rubberized elastic thin plate. Is designed for grinding microscopic oil droplets allocated by nail layers.

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Nail polishing.
Nail polishing.

Manufacturer: Shere&Nagel (Germany)