Rejuvenating gloves
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Rejuvenating gloves.

Rejuvenation, moistening and nourishing of skin with help
of natural gel filled gloves.

Home therapy.

Because of unique gel composition of the gloves skin protection barrier is formed for healing and moistening.

This is very actual for very dry skin and restoring hand skin in winter and spring.

The gel works like anti-age spa-procedure.

Gel gloves are effective in solving the problem of psoriasis and eczema.

Natural gel interleaf inside the gloves has nourishing and healing ingredients. Smoothing and moistening hand skin in a moment gives rejuvenating and elastic effect for skin.

Using gloves 20-30 minutes is enough for gel oils and vitamins to get into skin and to make healing influence.

Oils in gel composition.

Grape seed oil.

Has high penetrate ability. Makes anti-inflammatory and regenerating action. Gives favor for rejuvenating, increasing skin elastic, removing wrings. Moistening and softening effect.

Jojoba oil.

Gives favor effect for inflamed, overdried and peeling skin. Tired and fading skin needs the oil cause it helps to get rid from wrinkles and small cracks.

Soy beans extract.

Smooth the wrinkles and prevent the skin aging.

Avocado oil.

Calm the skin. Useful with eczema and sun blister. Use for fast restoring of skin complicity and uniformity in small injury and inflammation.

Olive oil.

Well known with its recovering and softening components. The ingredient in cosmetology is valuable for aging skin. Save skin moistening by producing air-tight barrier without blocking normal skin functioning. Has disinfecting and healing properties.

Сeramides 3.

These are natural components of upper skin layer. Gives skin smooth and calming influence.

E vitamin.

Increases skin elasticity.

Socks can be used for any types of skin.

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Rejuvenating gloves.
Rejuvenating gloves.

Manufacturer: Shere&Nagel (Germany)

Rejuvenating gloves.
Rejuvenating gloves.

Manufacturer: Shere&Nagel (Germany)

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